Animated Series Star Wars Rebels Charting Events Between the Good Films and the Bad Ones

By Gary Cutlack on at

Star Wars Rebels is a new animated Star Wars series from Disney's newly acquired sci-fi cash cow, one set in the 20-year period between events in Return of the Jedi and whatever that rubbish one with Jar Jar Binks in it was called. You'll be able to see exactly what went wrong.

It'll be produced by Lucasfilm Animation, with plenty of input from the team that generated the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, plus Triple-A Hollywood writer/producer Simon Kinberg, who worked on X-Men: First Class, is writing the hour-long opening episode.

The series will launch in late 2014 on the Disney Channel and will be viewable worldwide. There's a little background teaser available on YouTube, but it's only men talking about it with no actual footage of the series available yet. [Star Wars via Kotaku]