App of the Day: Maybe, Just Maybe, Save Battery Life With Qualcomm's App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Qualcomm's just taken its BatteryGuru app out of beta, giving Snapdragon-powered phone users a new weapon to play with in the ongoing battle for a phone that lasts for more than three-quarters of a bloody day. But does it work?


What does it do?

Despite being launched as an exclusive for Snapdragon mobiles, the app doesn't offer anything super-hardcore like altering clock speeds or fiddling with power demands, it simply, allegedly, "learns" your personal phone and app use patterns, then changes app update frequencies and suchlike to reduce power demand from things you don't use.


Why do we like it?

It's not a whole lot different from manually toggling off the Wi-Fi, changing your email app's polling frequency and stopping Gmail from pinging the server every two minutes to see if you've got any new and exciting promotional messages, but still. It's significantly less tedious and might get you an extra ten minutes of uptime during the journey home. Free. [Google Play]

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