Apple is the Tax-Avoiding Bad Boy of America, Thanks to "Complex Web" of Offshore Accounts

By Gary Cutlack on at

While we're angry about Amazon, Starbucks, Google and more for appearing to dodge their UK tax responsibilities, US tax authorities have themselves an even bigger target, with Apple branded one of "America's largest tax avoiders."

The tax shaming comes via a senate committee that's investigating the tax-dodging systems used by major multinationals. Big boss Tim Cook will be speaking to them today, although with the committee already accusing his company of using "a complex web of offshore entities" to avoid US tax bills, it sounds like he's not going to have a cosy little lunch date.

The committee said that, although Apple is one of the biggest taxpayers in the US, it's also one of the largest avoiders, thanks to its offshore cash horde. Apple's put together a prepared testimony [PDF] to get its story out there ahead of time, saying it "welcomes an objective examination of the US corporate tax system." [BBC]