Aussie Scientists Make Long-Life Beer

By Chris Mills on at

In between bareback kangaroo-riding and crocodile-wrestling, the Australians have had time for some science: making beer that will last for donkey's years, without tasting like Foster's total and utter crap.

Scientists at Adelaide University's School of Agriculture identified the enzyme in barley that makes beer taste bad if stored for years on end. By selectively breeding an old strand of barley that had 'defective' strands of that enzyme -- lipoxygenase -- the eggheads were able to make beer-producing barley, without the bad stuff that'll make your booze go bad.

The first batch of the new superbarley is being cultivated by Japanese brewery Sapporo, so hopefully it won't be too long until perennial hoarders and shipwrecked sailors can get merrily pissed on long-life beer. Now, what about that long-life bacon? [The Register]