BBC's Watchdog Readying Attack on Samsung Galaxy S4's Onboard Storage Space

By Gary Cutlack on at

In a move suggesting there's no more serious a crime in today's society than a rich man's new toy not quite working as advertised, the BBC's investigative TV show Watchdog is planning to shame Samsung over that disparity in advertised and real-world storage space.

In an end-of-programme trailer for the May 15th edition of the show, Watchdog's resident battleaxe Anne Robinson says of Samsung in her usual sarcastic mum tone: " claims its brand new Galaxy phone has an extra large memory; what did it forget to mention?"

The video editor then foreshadows the answer by expanding the Galaxy S4 web site's onboard storage claims. We can therefore expect to see some mildly angry men brandishing Galaxy S4s while looking sad and pretending having one of the best phones in the world has ruined their lives. [YouTube via Slashgear]