Big Changes Coming for BT Users as ISP Dumps Yahoo Email

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those of you who defy fashion and stick with good old BT for your internet and email services will soon witness a massive change to its web mail system, thanks to a move to dump Yahoo as its email provider.

Currently, BT's web email interface is branded as being "Yahoo! Mail" product and comes complete with an entire portal full of news stories to accidentally click on. The plan is for BT to dump all of this in favour of using its own web mail front end, called BT Mail, which ought to filter out to all users by the end of 2013.

According to the Telegraph, one of the reasons for doing this is due to ongoing "hacking" of email accounts that use the BT Yahoo system, although BT's announcement sounds more like it'll be using the move to drive traffic to a redesigned portal that'll offer a similar collection of news and features to that currently aggregated by Yahoo. As in, a page loads of people get forwarded to that BT can sell adverts around the edges of.

It's actually a bit of a shame. Yahoo's email system's been gradually updated over the years, and currently provides BT users with drag & drop support for adding attachments and Dropbox integration for saving received files straight to your Dropbox account, even if the trade-off for this is the shame of having a purple "Yahoo!" logo atop your screen. [Telegraph]