Bose's Big Black Budget AE2W Bluetooth Headphones

By Gary Cutlack on at

Audio specialist Bose has finally jumped into the stereo Bluetooth headphones scene, with its new AE2W set allowing simultaneous connection to two devices so users can flip between tablet audio and phone calls easily. All you'd then need is a Google Glass on your face to complete the idiot-from-the-future look.

A nine metre range means you can dance about to Get Lucky or whatever this week's big song is, plus the onboard rechargeable battery is good for seven hours of wireless listening. If the battery runs out there's a cable, plus the Bluetooth module can be taken off if you're going wired for a long spell.

The AE2Ws don't feature active noise cancellation tech, so are a little on the "entry level" side of things as far as Bluetooth headphones go. Bose, however, claims they have been "optimised" for use with an iPad, although that seems to mean they support the commonplace mobile A2DP audio streaming standard most phones and tablets from this millennium feature.

Bose UK says the RRP over here is £199, which undercuts much of the competition. [Bose]