BT's Going For Sky's Jugular With Free BT Sport For All BT Broadband Customers

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems BT's on a Sky-seeking rampage. It's announced that BT Sport, which will have live Premiership Rugby, live Premier League Football, UFC, Moto GP, and Red Bull TV among others, will be available free to BT Broadband or Infinity customers.

The BT Sport package will be watchable through apps on phones and tablets, as well as through a computer. If you happen to have BT TV, then you can watch it through your set-top box too, but you have to pay for BT TV in the first place. You'll be able to get this through a YouView box, if you have one, but it's not clear whether you have to pay to access BT Sport like you do the rest of the BT TV package.

In the mix will be everything that ESPN previously held, after BT bought the British arm of the American sports broadcaster. That includes 38 live Premier League fixtures, which will mainly be the Saturday afternoon slot, as well as FA Cup and Europa League matches. If you're a Sky subscriber you can get BT Sport too, but it'll cost you.

BT Sport launches in just 84 days, and while I doubt it'll set the world on fire initially, giving it free to the legions of BT Broadband subscribers will be a massive boon. It'll also be one of the first full-scale IPTV releases going, with TV delivered directly over broadband, so it'll beĀ interestingĀ to see how it goes as the future of TV as we know it.

It's not often you get something free out of BT, but this seems one of them. No doubt you'll have to buy it as part of a subscription in the future, but for now, if you've got BT you've got a whole load of free sport coming your way. [BT]