Cheeky Bristol Nightclub Claims to Be a Restaurant With Only Eight Forks

By Sam Gibbs on at

A nightclub in Bristol, which registered as a restaurant to obtain a licence to sell booze, was recently found to actually only own eight knives and forks, despite claiming to cater for up to 700 people. Were customers being encouraged to bring their own knives to the party?

It seems the sneaky owners of 'Rehab' skirted the restrictions on nightclubs in the area by claiming their bump'n grind factory was in fact a restaurant. However, after a series of complaints, Bristol council flexed its newly granted muscle to review alcohol licencing. It sent investigators into the den of debauchery only to discover the apparent lies.

Bristol council reached out with full power of the law to smite this infringement, reducing Rehab's legal opening hours to just 12.00 midnight from 3AM. However, the case was not closed then. The owners of Rehab appealed the decision, halting the enforcement of the new orders for six to nine months.

So, if you'd like to go and have a peaceful dinner in a nice little place called Rehab at two in the morning, you can for the next six or so months. Just don't book for more than eight otherwise you'll end up having to share fighting irons. [Bristol Post]

Image credit: DJ from Shutterstock