Coca Cola's Secret Recipe Supposedly Up for Sale on eBay

By Sam Gibbs on at

A treasure hunter claims to have found the secret recipe to Coca Cola's unique and heavily-guarded syrup in a box of letters dating back to 1943. Want to know if it's the real deal? £3 million is the price of entry.

Cliff Kluge bought a box of old letters from a recent estate sale in the US. According to the self-proclaimed 'treasure hunter', it included a letter and the secret formula to Coke's success. Who knows whether it's real or not, as Coca Cola will only say that the real formula is locked away safely in some high-security vault somewhere inside the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

It's apparently very similar to a supposed leak of the recipe posted some two years ago in the US, but whether that means anything I'm not sure. Either way, Kluge isn't going to look a gift-horse in the mouth; he's whacked the thing up on eBay, as you do, with a starting bid of about £3 million. Of course, if you're truly desperate to get your hands on it right now, £10 million will see it's yours, although I can think of much better things to blow £10 million on. [eBay via Gawker]