Completely Redesigned Google+ Adds a Whopping 41 New Features

By Mario Aguilar on at

Google is overhauling Google+ with 41—yes, forty-one—new features. They're based around three areas of the Chrome experience: Stream, Hangouts, and Photos. The new design is rolling out today, and it looks beautiful enough to actually use.

Your Stream is getting a beautiful-looking redesign based on cards. There's a three column view that looks as though it responds organically to your gestures and touches.

Google also introduced the new Hangouts app that we've been hearing about. All in-one chat across all of Google's services: Google Talk, Hangouts, Voice, Google+ Messenger all in one place. (Check out our whole post on that.)

Finally, Google made a huge play on Photos. This started earlier this week when Google upped the total storage for Google accounts to 15GB. And you'll need it because Google is letting you upload much higher resolution photos than you're used to from Facebook or Twitter.

And since most of us are terrible smartphone photographers, Google is adding a whole bunch of automatic photo adjustment features that fall under Auto Highlight, Auto Enhance, and Auto Awesome, which the company claims will turn all of you terrible photos into good ones. There are a lot of little features, but the long and the short is that they're trying to implement brain-free versions of Photoshop features.

It's a compelling idea: You upload your photos and they automatically get better. The demos Google showed off are very impressive, but it sounds a little too good to be true so we'll believe it when we see it.

All in all though, it's nice to see Google innovating impressive features in Google+. Don't give up, Google!