Ex-Microsoft Man Planning World's First Legal Marijuana Brand

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jamen Shively, who in a very different previous corporate life was a strategy manager for Microsoft, wants to create a legal marijuana brand. He eventually hopes his entirely legal product will become the Starbucks of funny-smelling cigarettes.

Shively's plan is to buy legal medicinal marijuana from Mexico, which he'll repackage into branded products to sell. And he thinks there is a legal market for it in the US, thanks to two states -- Washington and Colorado -- legalising recreational use of the drug, plus a further 18 allowing it for medical uses if you can convince your doctor to sign you a prescription saying you literally need it.

He's after $10m in funding to make the legal drug brand dream real, which he'll do, in part, by buying existing pharmacies that are already licensed to provide medicinal marijuana. [Reuters]

Image credit: Marijuana shop from Shutterstock