Facebook Messenger Chat Protocol Chosen as the Future of Things Talking to Each Other

By Chris Mills on at

One of the big problems with the whole connected-house thing, where thermostats talk to light swtiches which talk to tea-making robots (if only!), is that there's a lot of communication protocols, and most of them are proprietary. But never fear, a new standard's been agreed on: erm, Faccebook Messenger.

More strictly, it's the protocol that powers Facebook Messenger's mobile comms, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport. MQTT was originally designed a decade ago for stuff like sending telemetry data to and from satellites, so the focus on low-bandwidth and low-power was an ideal match for Facebook. The lightweight nature of the protocol should also come in pretty handy when dozens of devices with low-power chipsets (like those light switches) want to communicate.

The group that's chosen MQTT as the protocol is pretty weighty, too -- it's called OASIS (The Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), and has members including Cisco, IBM and the Eclipse Foundation. They've got heritage, too -- they're the group behind the sorta-popular OpenDocument format. [The Register]