Facebook's Auto-Play Video Ads Ready for Social Network Apocalypse This July

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite literally no one in the world ever having anything positive to say about auto-playing video adverts, the billion-user social site is pushing ahead with plans to introduce the full motion ad format to its newsfeed from this July.

The updated timeline for the arrival of the ads comes via the FT, which explains how the ads work like so: "The new video ads will appear in a user's newsfeed with the first video starting automatically but without any sound. Users will then have the option of activating audio at which point the video will restart from the beginning."

The move into video advertising is designed to help the social site attract the big money TV advertising that's moving online, as viewers now stare at phones and tablets while half-watching telly these days. Although we suspect the number of people that choose to restart an advert and watch it again with sound will be a little... low.

Still, with Facebook allegedly charging around £15 for each 1,000 of these video ads it serves on behalf of buyers, it's unlikely to care if people are actually watching them as long as they play and pull in the cash. [FT via Ars]