Do Any Hay Fever "Remedies" Actually Work?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's Friday afternoon, and as our attentions turn to those more off-topic, we thought you might like our brand new weekly Chatroom+, where instead of us asking the questions, you ask the questions and help each other out with the answers. This week, Rik from Southampton emailed asking for our hay fever tips -- can anyone recommend anything that actually kills the sodding thing off?

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Rik emailed us after seeing our post on why your ears pop, so please let us turn the tables over to you learned folk, and pass on your secret weapons against the scourge of hay fever. He's already been feeling it (me too) in the brief bursts of summer we've seen. Apparently nothing really works for him and he's getting desperate because hay fever ruins what little of the British summer he actually gets.

So, does anyone have any bright ideas of how to kill-off hay fever and give Rik back his summer? Vaseline up the nose? Wear a gas mask? Take a cocktail of drugs? Ready your answers, O Wise Commenters...

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Image credit: Hay fever from Shutterstock