Forget 3D-Printed Guns; Here Are Some 3D-Printed Shotgun Slugs

By Brian Barrett on at

The fact that we can 3D-print guns, each scarier than the last, is unsettling enough. But why would we stop at weapon itself? Why not 3D-printed ammo? Like, say, these devastating shotgun slugs, fresh from a Solidoodle 3 printer.

Wired had a nice long chat with Jeff Heeszel, the man seen in the video above wreaking havoc with his home-made ammunition. Heeszel's no anarchist; he's just a guy who likes shooting things with his shotgun, and who happens to be friends with a man named Tony Griffy.

Griffy's the brains behind the 3D-printed shotgun slugs. He's the one who designed the CAD files, acquired the Solidoodle 3, printed the slugs out, filled them with lead, and mailed them to Heeszel for implementation. There's nothing nefarious to it; just two guys with some curiosity and enough ABS thermoplastic to cause some localised mayhem. Oh, and who own shotguns.

In fact, the most troubling thing isn't that these exist. It's how how easy it was to make them. Check out Wired for the full, revealing interview. [Wired]