Google Hangouts, Kicksend, and More

By Ashley Feinberg on at

What with Google I/O being this week, there are naturally some wonderful additions to Android's app family from the mothership herself. But that doesn't mean third party developers have just been sitting around twiddling their thumbs—this week's set of apps has offerings from everyone.

Google Hangouts: After taking some major steps forward earlier this week with the announcement that Google Talk support would finally be hitting Outlook, the long-anticipated Babel all-in-one chat service has finally been revealed as... Hangouts. Which yes, we already have sort of—but not like this. [Free]

Festival Ready: Summer approacheth, and with summer comes festivals—all sorts of festivals! Whether you're a music buff, renaissance enthusiast, or food and wine connoisseur there's a festival out there somewhere waiting for you. Now an actual Swiss Army knife is handy to have, but probably won't do you too much good at any of the above. A festival-specific Swiss Army app though? Just what ye olde doctor ordered. [Free]

Kicksend: It's easy use your phone to share just one photo or video to a friend, but what about an entire set? Kicksend lets you send large batches of photos and videos to your friends in one fell swoop. It's been on Android for a while, but it's newest update gives the service one very welcome, major new feature: home delivery. Pick photos off your phone and they'll be shipped off in real, physical form to any doorstep of your choosing. [Free]

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