"Google Play Games" References Galore Pulled From Android Play Store Update

By Gary Cutlack on at

A newly released version of Google's background code that operates the Play Store on Android devices has been pulled apart, revealing that the company's previously un-hacked gaming portal is set to launch under the name Google Play Games. Hopefully later this week, too.

The discovery, made public by Android Police, even shows us a little of how the system will work, with a Notifications screen letting everyone turn gaming invites on and off, just in case you happen to have a particularly annoying friend who's desperate to play the week's hot new casual gaming phenomenon.

The code also shows that Google+ is going to be part of the Android gaming experience particularly when it comes down to controlling who you play against, plus there's evidence of a unified, cloud-based game save system in there too, meaning it ought to be possible to have gaming sessions seamlessly spilt across phones and tablets.

Meanwhile, artwork for Google's achievements system includes pretty little rosettes and pretend crowns to wear. It's going to be massive, and hopefully we'll see it at this week's Google I/O event, which kicks off on Wednesday. [Android Police]