Google's Just Made Google Translate Your Ultimate Travel Companion

By Sam Gibbs on at

Let's face it, as good as Google Translate is, most of the best features require a data connection, which you probably don't have while travelling. Now an update has given Google Translate the power to save a whole bunch of phrases for offline use. Your pocket translator just got much more useful.

Phrasebooks are a necessary evil when all you speak is English, but who carries a book around with them these days when you've got your phone? Yes, there have been loads of phrasebook apps for a while now, but none of the free ones have been any good.

Now Google Translate will let you save your favourite phrases like "pass me a beer, love" or "burger and chips please, mate" so you can bust them out without needing to spend a fortune on your travelling data bill.

Now, maybe it's time we started building an essential list of phrases every Brit aboard needs in his electronic language dictionary repertoire? [Google Play]