Government and Police Caught Downloading Finding Nemo in Canadian Piracy Fightback

By Gary Cutlack on at

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been rumbled using their (ruggedised) official computer equipment to download torrent files, or at least that's what IP searches conducted by pro-freedom internet groups appear to suggest.

The Canadian Pirate Party did the groundwork in tracking some local pirates, discovering that several IP ranges belonging to government and police groups were downloading a wide range of Hollywood blockbuster material through the usual torrent sites, with computers based in the Industry Canada offices -- the Canadian government HQ -- also caught downloading the likes of Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games.

However, as is usual with these cases, it may not be that clear cut. Pirate Party leader Travis McCrea said of the findings: "...we cannot be sure who is responsible for downloading the material, or even if it was downloaded by employees, contractors, or a person who was using an open wireless connection. This is why this type of intellectual property enforcement doesn't work -- there is no method of reliably telling who actually engaged in the infringement of copyrighted material."

Which, presumably, is the point this entire mountie-outing event was designed to get across.

Meanwhile, fans of Canadian vigilante activism might want to check out the unbelievable piece of crowdfunding being conducted by US gossip site Gawker. It wants its users to contribute $200,000 to a fund that would pay for the rights to publish a video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack. [TorrentFreak]