Have You Been Playing Monopoly Wrong All These Years?

By Sam Gibbs on at

No one likes reading the damn manual, which has apparently meant that legions of people have been playing Monopoly wrong, missing one crucial rule that's meant to prevent the game running for so flaming long. Have you?

The small snippet in the game's guide basically says that if you land on a vacant property and you don't buy it, the card has to be thrown up for auction for the other players to fight over. That speeds up the game by making sure all the properties get bought and quickly. In turn, more rent is paid, and more people go bankrupt sooner, ending the game.

Now, I've always played it like that, but a quick tally round the office says only half of us play it the way Hasbro intended. So, have you been playing Monopoly correctly all these years, or has this blog post from two years ago that just went viral totally blown your board game-loving mind? [Critical Mass via Buzzfeed]

Image credit: Philip Taylor from Flickr