Heathrow Shut Down as BA Flight Suffers Double Engine Failure Over London

By Chris Mills on at

So this is scary. Around 9AM this morning, a British Airways flight from London to Oslo was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow after both its engines suffered damage of some kind, causing one engine to catch fire. Both of Heathrow's runways were closed for the landing, but the Airbus 319 landed safely and the fire is now out.

A picture from Twitter-user David Gallagher (who will no doubt be sternly told off for using his phone during take-off and/or landing) shows part of the left engine exposed, before the right one "blew", causing a fire in the right engine, leaving a black smoke-trail visible from the ground. The Express is reporting a bird strike as the possible cause, though a statement from British Airways still lists a 'technical fault' as the underlying cause.

The plane, an Airbus 319, made an emergency landing at Heathrow around 9AM. The passengers and crew had the fun of being evacuated using the inflatable slides, which helps take the edge off what was undoubtedly an incredibly tense flight. The fire, according to the London Fire Brigade, is now out, and the southern runway is back in service, although the northern runway is still out of action.