Here's Everything Google Unveiled Last Night at I/O

By Sam Gibbs on at

Although this year's Google I/O is all about developers and tools, Google unveiled a lot for the users too. No sign of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, just a 4.3 Jelly Bean update, but everything from search, chat, gaming, Maps, Music, and Google+ got a feature-filled refresh. We even got a bloat-free Samsung Galaxy S4 "Google Edition" to call our own. Here's everything Google fired out into the ether last night.


Google Search

We didn't expect anything quite as fundamental as this, but Google's changed the way its core product works.


Google Maps

Confirming the rumours, Google Maps got the update it's needed for some time now. We can't wait for this to roll out to the mobile apps.

- The New Google Maps: Flat, Clean, and Built Just for You
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Google Hangouts

As rumoured, Google Talk has been rolled into the revamped Hangouts, Google's new unified chat system spanning multiple devices and services. It's coming to iOS as well as Android and the desktop via Chrome, so this could be the big one -- the one chat service to unite us all.

- Google Hangouts: Unified Chat, Unlimited Reach



Google's given Plus a massive kick in the pants with some 41 new features, completely overhauling its Facebook-killer. Of course, Hangouts pays a big roll in the refreshed Google+, but photos have taken prime spot, while cards have slid into your stream.

- Google+ Does Some Amazing Things with Your Pictures Now


Google Play Games

Google's "pulling an Xbox Live" on us, with a unified gaming service packing achievements, cloud game-save syncing, and all that jazz. Play-powered games only at the moment, but there's talk this could extend all the way to iOS in the future too.


Google Music All Access

Launched only in the US for now, All Access is Google's attempt at a Spotify-killer. We don't know when it'll make it over to the UK, but it'll probably cost in the region of £8-10 a month when it does. It certainly looks sleek, but it's lacking the social integration that makes Spotify so good -- hopefully that'll be there by the time it makes the trip across the Atlantic.

- Google Play Music All Access Hands-On: All You Want (Minus Friends)


Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition

The rumour mill was spot on with this one too -- Google's going to sell a Samsung Galaxy S4 without all the bloat of TouchWiz. It'll be pure Android, stock as Google intended, which is totally fine with us.