How to Get Google's All Access Music in the UK, Right Now

By Chris Mills on at

Google has a new streaming music product, and that's all good and well, but it's only available in the US. We can't let the Yanks have all the fun, though, so here's how to suckle on the sweet, musical breast of Google from a UK IP address.

Be warned: elements of this guide are probably very illegal, especially if you start giving fake details to people. You do so at your own risk, and neither the author nor Gizmodo UK encourage such naughty stuff.


What You Need

A US-based VPN service, and a payment method. The US VPN service is easy, because you only need it for activation -- once you've signed up, you don't need any kind of VPN or IP anonymiser. The free trial of HideIPVPN works quite well for this purpose, giving a three-hour free version without having to fork over any of your hard-scrooged cash.

The payment method is slightly harder. Either, you use a US credit card (people without a US-based friend can use a virtual credit card, though it's probably illegal, as it involves using a false billing address); or, you can use a Google Play gift card, which appears to be an option at the moment, even though the All Access terms of service say it's not.


Step 1: Create a New Google Account

Because your current Google account is probably registered in the UK, you'll want to create a new Google account. Sign out of your current Google account, fire up your US-based VPN, and open a new Google account, with the location set to the US.


Step 2: Sign Up With Your New Account and Payment Method

Now that you've created a new Google account, go to the Google Music site. A pop-up will appear with the terms and conditions -- accept, and click next. Obviously, you're going to want to select the 'All Access' option on this screen. It's probably worth mentioning how much All Access costs at this point  -- $7.99 a month, though the first month is a free trial. Enter the appropriate credit card details, and it'll probably ask for a billing address. If you've got a US virtual credit card, you should use the billing address you used when you signed up for your highly illegal v-card. Hit Buy, and Bob's your All-Access-streaming uncle.

Update: as pointed out by commenters below, you can use a UK credit (not debit) card instead, if you add it to your Google Wallet account, but change the country to US before using it to sign up to All Access (you'll still need the VPN). 


Step 3: Stream to Your Heart's Content

Once you've signed up, things get easier. You can disconnect the VPN service, and listen through your browser like normal. If you want to use it on your phone, though, things are a bit harder. The only method we've found to work is disconnecting your Android phone from your normal, UK-based Google account, signing in to your US account (note: you might need to perform a factory reset as well), connecting to the internet via a VPN, and then downloading the Google Music app.

So yes, although it's a bit hacky and most likely very illegal, you too can have streaming Google-music. Or, you could just download Spotify. But where's the fun in that?