HTC's Looking at Bringing Stock Android to Existing One Owners

By Sam Gibbs on at

After the wholly unsurprising, but still-good-to-hear news yesterday that HTC is producing a stock Android, 'Nexus' version of the HTC One for Google, HTC also let slip that it's looking at giving early adopters (read people who have already bought Ones) a taste of stock Android too.

OK, so Sense isn't horrendous on the One, but given the choice I suspect quite a few people would go stock with the option for rapid Android updates. I know I would. Of course, you could always go the rooting route and dump something like CyanogenMod on there to get a pretty much stock experience. But, something direct from HTC would be fully optimised and, importantly, not void your warranty.

One owners: Would you ditch Sense to go stock if HTC made it available? [The Verge]