IBM's Incredible Watson Has a Boring New Job Answering Phones

By Eric Limer on at

After you've used your crazy robot intellect to crush puny meatbags definitively in a game of Jeopardy, it would seem like the world is your oyster. But Watson's not taking trying to take over the world or anything, no. After a trying out medicine and inventing a pastry, he's settling for a boring job in customer service.

Companies including Australia’s ANZ Bank, Nielsen, and Royal Bank of Canada plan to put this supercomputer to work answering questions by SMS, online chat, email, or through a compatible app. Watson will not only be saving humans from having to answer hundreds upon hundreds of inane questions about insurance plans and loan interested, but also help provide better information, since he doesn't zone out when reading fine print.

Watson doesn't have any voice recognition capability yet, but that could come later this year, putting him toe-to-toe with things like Siri and Google Now. IBM's likely to continue pimping out Watson's noggin to more companies as down the line, and really, we could all benefit from having more, smarter computers answering our questions for us. But it just seems like he's settling. We just hope he's happy, happy as a lifeless machine brain can be.