Idiots Need Telling Not to Call Their Child "Anal"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some incredible rejected baby names have emerged from New Zealand, where names for kids such as "4Real" and "Queen Victoria" have been rejected by officials. One child was even set to be called "Anal" before the state intervened. Perhaps the parents didn't know how to spell Alan?

Other rejected names from New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs include "2nd" and "3rd," while locals have also been banned from giving their children names that suggest they hold positions of power or status, such as "Justice" or "King."

There's now an official list of 77 names people in New Zealand are not allowed to call their children, lest they cause offence to others or, more importantly, lead the poor kid to suffer a life of misery and violence. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Newborn baby from Shutterstock