Indesit and Hotpoint Recall (Potentially) Exploding Washing Machines

By Gary Cutlack on at

Do you ever imagine how much it would hurt if your washing machine drum came out while it's whizzing your pants and jeans around at maximum spin? If you're anĀ Indesit or Hotpoint owner there's a small chance you may find out, thanks to concerns that "a very small percentage" of machines made between 2007 and 2009 could fall apart and explode.

After being battered by the BBC's Watchdog show, Hotpoint's put together a model number checker, which you can use to check if your machine has the potential to dismantle itself at high speed and generate a spectacular indoor fireworks event with the power to blast your underpants through the wall into nextdoor's kitchen.

No units on sale today have the same flaw, just these 2007-2009 era machines. [Hotpoint via Which?]