Is This Glasshole on a Phone Really a Vision of the Gadget Apocalypse?

By Eric Limer on at

Google Glass is weird. It's not quite like anything we've seen before. It's the best. It's the worst. It's polarising. This picture of a Google Glass-wearing tube-rider showed up on Twitter yesterday, and sparked a Buzzfeed article that posits Glass will just bring on more of the distraction it claims to alleviate.

You kind of have to laugh at this picture's gadget-through-a-gadget irony, but is there really anything more to it than that? Doorway-blocking is definitely not exclusive to glassholes. And people have been using two gadgets simultaneously forever, whether it's the telephone and a computer, an iPad and the TV, or an iPod and a phone. More than anything, it goes to show how useless Glass really is at the moment. This guy's just a goof.

So what do you see? A glimpse into a dark, inevitable future of gadget fiends too pre-occupied to even be aware of the world around them, or just some regular dopes with silly glasses?