It's Official: The New Xbox One's Kinect Sensor Is Coming to Windows Next Year

By Ashley Snell on at

We knew that the Kinect would be coming to Windows eventually, but it looks like Xbox One's groundbreaking new Kinect sensor won't be stuck tethered to a console for long. Microsoft has just announced that the new and improved motion tracking system will definitely be hitting Windows sometime next year — exactly when, though, remains hazy.

There's also no definitive word yet on how exactly Microsoft plans to incorporate the Kinect technology, but we should be hearing more details at its BUILD conference next month.

And Microsoft did, at least, offer a few examples of some potential (non-consumer) uses, specifically citing rehabilitation and physical fitness solutions, interactive retail displays (read: ads), and education possibilities. What this means for your home is, at least for now, still up to your wildest speculation. [Microsoft]