Let Your Walls Light Up the Room With LED Wallpaper

By Eric Limer on at

Who needs lamps when you can make your walls literally light up on their own? They can if you cover them with a coating of LED wallpaper. Wallpaper might be a little past its prime, but with a little infusion of tech and some neat geometric designs, maybe it's time to reconsider.
Made by Mestyle and shown off at this year's New York Design Week, these high-tech wallpapers have low-tech origins; they're all handmade. The rolls come in 22 unique designs, each with its own scientific or historic inspiration.

Rolls of the paper are available for purchase through retailers in a number of different countries, the UK thankfully being one of them. However; even if you're into the idea, chances are you can't afford whatever custom, handmade wallpaper costs (i.e. probably a lot). But beats the hell out of fake wood paneling, don't it? [Mestyle via Inhabitat]