London's Skyline Has Never Looked So Sweet

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've seen what London's iconic skyline is soon going to morph into and it's gorgeous, but it's nowhere near as sweet as this beauty. Here's London's famous skyline recreated with 2186 sugar cubes to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Museum of London Docklands. Two lumps in your tea, right?

Armed with a glue gun and a stanley knife, Chris Naylor spent the best part of three days building the 13kg relief-like London, bringing the Eye, the Gherkin, Parliament's Elizabeth Tower, St Paul's and Tower Bridge into sugar-lump view.

It's really quite pretty if you don't get too close, and if you need a bit of a sweetener in your tea, there are over 2,000 of the suckers to choose from. How very British. [Museum of London via Wired UK]

Image credit: Museum of London