Looks Like We Might Get a New MacBook Air at WWDC This Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Apple rumour mill is already gearing up ahead of WWDC this year, with stock trackers the first line in the new-product guessing game. It seems big retailers like Amazon are running dry of MacBook Airs both in the US and UK, which whispers refresh to those in the know -- probably just with Haswell chips and Iris.

While these kinds of indicators are just that, indicators, rather than cold, hard fact, it certainly looks like Apple's stopped production and is phasing out shipping of the current generation MacBook Air to resellers other than its own stores. Other rumours say we're unlikely to get a retina display-packing Air at WWDC, but Intel's new beastly Haswell chips should be on-board, plus a taste of Iris if we're lucky.

At any rate, if anyone's looking to buy a MacBook Air this week, don't. It's a really crappy time to buy a laptop right now. [AppleInsider]