Mailbox,, and More

By Ashley Feinberg on at

The long weekend is finally here. And what's better than spending a holiday enjoying the warm weather with family and friends? Well, how about having a few iPad apps that help you stay connected and ready for whatever Mother Gaia has to throw at you—just in case. Lucky for you, we've got them right here.

Mailbox: Mailbox, the app that was supposed to revolutionise email so long as you were willing to stand in a 250,000+ wait list, has just released its first iPad-optimised version. And the best part? No virtual waiting in line required.

Bamboo Loop: Wacom may be best known for their styluses and tablets, but there's also a more whimsical side to the company that comes with their Bamboo line of apps. And the newest release, Bamboo Loop, carries on that tradition with a delightfully creative photo sharing app. [Free] While not technically an app in the traditional sense, is a website that's been optimised for mobile use, so it's just as accessible on your desktop as it is on your iPad (or any of your other devices, for that matter). The "app" is beautifully designed and gives you all the information you want as soon as you open it—projected forecast, current weather, rain conditions, and a handy animation. All you need to do is link to it from your homescreen, and you're ready to go. [Free]