Make Samuel L. Jackson Say Your Words

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samuel L. Jackson has come up with a clever way to hammer the Reddit servers harder than ever, offering to read out the best comment left on a thread he started. If you win, you can quite legitimately call yourself an A-List Hollywood scriptwriter.

The thread differs from your usual Q&A session in that Jackson, to help promote the work of the Alzheimer's Society and his money-raising travel competition, isn't taking questions. He's asking for a 300-word comment from the Reddit community to be left in the thread, with the one that receives the highest number of "upvotes" from the community getting read out, monologue style, by the man himself.

There are currently over 12,000 comments on the thread, so you've a lottery-like chance of winning. And you need to say something that falls within the remit of what Reddit users like, so, perhaps, try saying something about women not being able to work computers properly. [Reddit via RWW]