Man's Complex Urinary Habits Gamified in Men's Room Mayhem

By Gary Cutlack on at

Men's Room Mayhem is a resource management game in the style of popular air traffic control puzzler Flight Control, only instead of aeroplanes stacked up around Las Palmas Airport you're controlling men nervously circling the only free urinal.

The bladder management game, developed in part by ex-Studio Liverpool Sony coders, is set to launch on the PlayStation Vita. It incorporates the awkward world of male communal bathroom etiquette, correctly awarding players for leaving space between men and therefore avoiding and inadvertent eye or elbow contact, or any other kind of contact that could be misconstrued in the often tense and explosive bathroom environment.

It's a bit of a one-trick Flash game idea in concept, but still. Vita needs all the games it can get, even if they're perhaps better suited to your mum's Facebook stream. [PlayStation Blog via Kotaku]