Microsoft Caught 'Digitally Enhancing' Its Size in Ads

By Chris Mills on at

To go along with the YouTube ads taking the mick out of poor old Siri, Microsoft put up a comparison page on its website, pitting Windows 8 tablets against the iPad. Sadly, it was over-compensating a bit, lying about the VivoTab's screen size to make it seem bigger than it actually was.

The Microsoft website said that the iPad has a screen of 9.7", compared to the VivoTab RT's 10.1". That's fair enough. But in the comparison drawing handily provided, the two screens aren't to scale, with the VivoTab RT's screen 36 per cent bigger than it actually should be. What's more, due to the different aspect ratios, the iPad actually has a bigger screen in terms of surface area, measuring 45.15 square inches to the VivoTab's 43.56. Naughty naughty, Microsoft.

To be fair to the Windows boys, diagonal screen size is the accepted measure of screen sizes, so I guess they could almost say the VivoTab's screen is bigger. But 'digitally enhancing' the graphic? That's pretty dodgy, which is probably why Microsoft took the pictures down a few hours after noticed the discrepancy.

Anyway, now that that's sorted, we can all go back to the real business of buying iPads and continuing to be confused by Windows RT. [ via 9to5Mac]