Minecrift Combines Minecraft with Oculus Rift to Create Nerd Heaven on Earth

By Gary Cutlack on at

A fan-made Minecraft mod Minecrift has added Oculus Rift support to block-building world sim Minecraft, letting players immerse themselves in the adult LEGO simulator like never before.

The unofficial Minecraft mod features the required headtracking and stereo rendering support to ensure it works properly, with one YouTube demonstration of it in action full of the sort of wild hyperbole we've come to expect from those trying out the Rift for the first time.

Even more impressive is the way the creator of the hack doesn't even have a Rift himself -- his code releases are accompanied by phrases like "let me know how it is" as others check out his work. The developer says he's done it mainly "as a kick up the arse to Mojang," a move that it's hoped might encourage the official Minecraft maker to support the amazing 3D headset that's currently wowing the PC gaming universe. [MTBS3D via Engadget]