New Content is King with the All-New Samsung Hub

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With the GALAXY S4, Samsung has re-invented the way you get your music, video, games, books and education. Instead of disparate applications within your handset, it’s now all packaged up in one slick, easy-to-use place that’s easily accessible from anywhere in the phone – the Samsung Hub.

There are reams of content on offer, and while it’s not all available in every territory, there’s more than enough there to keep you company on any lonely commute or interminable stay in a doctor’s waiting room.


Slick User Interface

The big change for the all-new Samsung Hub, apart from the impressive cohesion of content delivery throughout your phone or tablet, is the slick user interface that makes it superbly easy to get to what you want.

So whether it’s books, music or video, a simple swipe from the main hub homepage will take you where you want to go.

When you land on each category you’ll get a selection of new titles to tickle your fancy, and a swift tap will take you right to the purchase options. Or hit the main banner to enter the section and see the plethora of content on offer.

Main display and Games on the Samsung Hub

Choose From the Main Display

Sometimes you won’t need to delve far into the Samsung Hub to get new content to delight and entertain.

You can easily see top choices right from the main display, and these will constantly update with new books, games, videos and songs that you might be into.

So even if you don’t want to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows you won’t have to wait long for a new suggestion. And with quick links to the other categories, you’re never far from entertainment.

Learning on the Samsung Hub

Stretch Yourself Mentally

One of the biggest new additions to the Samsung Hub family is the Learning Hub – on top of all the high-quality entertainment, you can start to really stretch yourself mentally while on the go.

With a whole range of topics on offer, you can do anything from learning a whole new language to teaching yourself how to play the guitar – and it’s even on video too for an easy way to learn all about your desired topic!

There’s a wide range of courses - from fascinating TED talks to helping teach your kids - and textbooks to use too, meaning you’ll never be stuck without information if you fancy expanding your mind.

Music on the Samsung Hub

Get Complete Control with Music+

Navigate to Music in the Samsung Hub and you’ll find a huge range of tracks to browse and preview for free, which you can easily buy and listen to on your device. But if that’s not enough, you’ll also be given the chance to trial Samsung’s new Music+ service for free.

With Music+ you can enjoy cloud storage and streaming, unlimited access to Samsung’s enormous music catalogue, and fabulous ad-free radio straight from your device. All for just £9.99 a month!

Video on the Samsung Hub

Quickly Access Your Own Media

One of the great things about the Samsung Hub is that within each section you can not only get access to new content, but also to the stuff that's already on your phone.

Enter any category (books, video, music or learning) and you can swipe left and right to discover more information on what's available – with the stuff that's already on your phone displayed to the right-hand side.

The Hub will soon learn which tracks you listen to most often this way, and will start to display you favourites as large thumbnails, making it even easier to get to the stuff you love!

Books on the Samsung Hub

Preview Books Before Downloading

Downloading books is a different experience to choosing a video - there aren't any trailers you can watch for a start!

But with Books in the Samsung Hub, you can read a few pages to see if a story’s for you, before deciding to part with your hard-earned cash (if it’s not one of the many free titles on offer, of course).

Simply tap the open book icon next to the title, and you'll be given access to a decent snippet that will make it so much easier to decide on what to buy. This trick is also repeated in the Music category, where snippets are available for loads of songs so you know you're getting the one you want!

Samsung MicroSD cards

Invest in a 64GB MicroSD

It's a good idea to make sure you've got a decent whack of storage free on board your phone before getting all download-heavy and pulling down all the latest releases, as the last thing you want is to find you've run out of space.

Head into the menu and you can select where your content will download to – the capacious internal storage or a microSD card of up to 64GB.

That way you'll know you'll always have room for the latest music, greatest movies or instructional videos without having to decide what to delete.

A woman uses the Samsung Hub on her Samsung GALAXY S4

Marvel at the S4’s Media Capabilities

When you've been using the Samsung GALAXY S4 for a while, there's no way you won't find yourself marvelling at its media capabilities.

With that in mind, Samsung has made its Hub even more intuitive; by making your recently used content the most prominent element at the top of each section.

So if you've been watching a movie and haven't quite finished, or you're part of the way through the latest must-read summer blockbuster, a simple trip into the Samsung Hub is the first place you need to look to get the stuff you want.