New Gmail Action Buttons Let You Perform Tasks From Your Inbox

By Jamie Condliffe on at

One of the smaller — but nonetheless incredibly useful — new updates from Google is a series of actions buttons in Gmail, which will help you handle tasks without having to send more messages or leave your inbox.

The new system will allow you to RSVP to events, review submissions, one-click reply to registration emails and quickly jump out to sites-specific tasks like airport check-ins, all from the inbox. The buttons will magically appear in email as and when Google notices a chance for you to use them.

Google's also added interactive flight cards right into Gmail — so flight details from emails are ripped out and displayed graphically at the top of the page. Google says it'll work out if your flight is on time, display connections, and even give check-in prompts.

There's also a developer call for more one-click interactions — so you can expect to see more features like this pouring into your inbox soon. [Google via Engadget]