Nexus 4 on the Way Out? Some Retailers Stop Selling it, Suspiciously Near Rumoured "Nexus 5" Date

By Gary Cutlack on at

A couple of the largest phone shops in the UK have stopped stocking Google and LG's sweet Nexus 4, with both Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U no longer listing it. This has led people who like to think about things to think it means a Nexus 5 launch at next week's Google I/O event is practically guaranteed.

Previous rumours have suggested Google and LG have a Nexus 4.5 semi update on the way, which would feature LTE support and the latest version of the mobile OS pre-loaded, so perhaps we may indeed see an unusual mid-year Nexus refresh to capitalise on Android's continued monster run of success.

However, given the bizarre situation surrounding the Nexus 4, which saw LG and Google conspiring to sell it at a discount and undercut the networks, and the mammoth stock issues that plagued its arrival, we wouldn't be surprised if the truth was a little more mundane. No one's buying it on contracts so what's the point stocking it? [Techradar]

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