Nokia's New Lumia 925: See What You're Missing

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On most phones, the camera is a slapdash afterthought, bunged onto the back to bump up the specs sheets. Not on Nokia's new flagship, the Nokia Lumia 925. Not only is the Lumia 925 a cutting-edge smartphone, it's also got a camera that'll leave the competition eating its pixelated dust.

There are all sorts of ways to describe the camera's functions on the Nokia Lumia 925: you could say it's got six lenses for optimal light-gathering; explain the high-tech 8.7MP sensor, or you could even take a look at the PureView technology which powers its brilliantly clear and bright display. The simplest, most effective way to explain all that, though, is this: you'll be able to take photos in places you'd never dream of whipping out a smartphone camera (and the results will be a damn sight better, too.)

Low-light pictures and videos are really the Lumia 925's forte, which is handy, because life doesn't tend to be quite as well-lit as the movies. The Lumia 925 cuts through all of that, capturing stonkingly crisp shots in conditions where the competition is reduced to a blurry mess. The difference, pardon the pun, is night and day.

It's not all about straight-laced photos, either. Nokia's Smart Camera technology helps you get the photo you want first time. It takes a burst of ten high-res images, and then allows you to chop and change, easily moving faces around and getting rid of the pesky tourist photo-bombing your shot. If you're a sporty type, the Lumia 925's also got your back: the Action Shot sequence lets you get a whole sequence of movement in one frame, and the motion blur lends your escapades a unique perspective, without having to edit for hours in Photoshop. The best thing about all these features? You don't have to select them in advance, since the Smart Camera lets you do all the changes afterwards, meaning you won't miss that sunset while you're tinkering with your phone.

Of course, the Lumia 925 isn't just an amazing camera; it's also a fully-featured smartphone. Windows Phone 8 is the name of the game here, a buttery-smooth operating system that gives you the information you want, without the song and dance some phones feel is necessary. And, since this is a Windows Phone, there's a full Microsoft Office suite so you're always able to work on the go (we'll let you decide if that's a good thing).

The final arrow in the Lumia 925's quiver is the beautifully engineered aluminium body. In an era of generic black plastic rectangles, the Lumia 925 stands out, wrapping a gorgeous 4.5" HD+ display in an equally stunning body. Aluminium doesn't only feel great in your hand -- it also makes the Lumia 925 light, weighing in at a full third less than its predecessor, the Lumia 920.

So, you want to know the best news? There's less than a month until the Lumia 925 arrives on our sunny shores (on June 13th), and you can be one of the first to get your grubby paws on it. All you have to do is head over to Nokia's site, bung your email address in a box, and you'll get an electronic missive when the Nokia Lumia 925's ready to be picked up. I know, it sounds too good to be true.