Now You Can Get Your Caffeine Hit From Your Toothbrush in the Morning

By Sam Gibbs on at

Why wait for your coffee in the morning when your toothbrush can juice you up with caffeine instead? Colgate's apparently trying just that.

A patent application points to a toothbrush with a little pad on the back. Said pad will be infused with all sorts of things, for direct absorption into your gums and cheeks. Colgate reckons the pads can slowly infuse things like flavouring into your gob to make your brushing more palatable (what, people don't like mint anymore?), as well as drugs. Caffeine is the obvious one to wake you up in the morning, but you could deliver things like aspirin, or even an appetite suppressant so brushing your teeth stops you being hungry.

My only question is, who still uses a manual toothbrush? I can't see this getting applied to an electric brush head. Maybe a tongue cleaner, though, but even if it gave me a caffeine fix in the morning, there's no way you could convince me I need one of those things. [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Cat from Shutterstock