O2 Dumps BT Wi-Fi, Losing You Access From July 1st

By Sam Gibbs on at

Are you an O2 customer? Do you regularly access BT's millions of Wi-Fi hotspots? No? Good, because you're about to lose your free access to them. The network's four-year deal with BT is up and it hasn't renewed. Instead, it's going it alone with its own O2 Wi-Fi network.

According to O2, only about 4,200 of BT's 5 million hotspots were ever used by O2 customers. Considering O2's got around 8,000 of its own Wi-Fi stations dotted about the place, that means O2 customers are essentially losing a third of their Wi-Fi coverage.

Given that O2 didn't manage to bag any of the 2.6GHz 4G spectrum, which is the most effective at covering high-density areas like towns and cities, Wi-Fi hotspots could have filled a gap. Still, there are rumours swirling around a BT-O2 hook-up like the old days of BTCellnet, so perhaps something along those lines will fill the gap.

Do you ever actually use Wi-Fi hotspots with ubiquitous 3G covering towns and cities these days? I guess it saves on data, but I can't remember the last time I used a Wi-Fi hotspot that wasn't in a hotel or in another country. [BBC]