Pinhole Cameras That Are Actually Meant To Be Used

By Lily Newman on at

If you've been searching for a pinhole camera to enjoy and then pass on to your children, you're in luck. Industrial designer and carpenter Elvis Halilović has created a beautiful line of handmade pinhole cameras. Wait, you haven't been looking for that? Huh. Okay. Nonetheless! These oddly compelling wooden boxes will make you feel like you've always wanted one. That's the point of Kickstarter, right?
ONDU Pinhole Cameras has already raised a £6,000 goal, plus almost £21,500 extra. The cameras are made from local wood and come in six different dimensions, requiring different standard film sizes. Prices range from £40 for the Pocket Pinhole to £130 for the Sliding Box Pinhole. All the pieces are held in place by magnets and the camera is totally manual. No lenses. It's a good way to remember that all those digital filter effects are based on something you can actually produce. [Kickstarter via Colossal]