Pissed-Up BBC Radio DJ Gets Dragged Off Air

By Chris Mills on at

Leaving drinks are, of course, a tradition on your last day at work -- but it's advisable to start them after you're actually finished for the day. It's especially important to do so if you're the presenter of a local radio station.

BBC Radio Stoke's Paula White was celebrating her last afternoon radio show -- and celebrating she was. Her show was less a talk radio show, and more like walking through Stoke town centre on a Saturday night, only with fewer fights and more whooping.

Of course, someone noticed and texted in to say she sounded a bit drunk; Paula disagreed, saying she'd had 'a few drinks', but wasn't drunk. Sadly, her P-A-R-T-Y--hating overlords at the BBC disagreed, and she was ignominiously taken off air, which is probably not how she was planning to finish her last show.

The BBC, being the kind employers they are, have put together a minute-long gag-reel from of Paula's Afternoon Antics. If you need cheering up, it's well worth a listen. [BBC]