Pods Make Sleeping at the Airport Much Nicer, Or Way Weirder

By Lily Newman on at

You know when someone gets up and you take their seat and it's still warm? And it's kind of gross? Or uncomfortably intimate or something? Yeah, I'm worried about that times a million with these sleeping pods.

The Abu Dhabi Airport has installed 10 Go Sleep pods in terminals 1 and 3, with 35 more on the way, that provide a sleeping space for a little more than £8 per hour. Go Sleeps, designed in Finland, have internet access, outlets for charging electronics and a secure place to store your luggage. And there's a shade screen you can lower partway or all the way for customisable privacy. The concept makes perfect sense. Offer travelers a comfortable place to nap and some privacy.

But what's the deal with maintenance and cleanliness here? What happens when people inevitably start cramming into the pods together to keep costs down? And won't that just lead to a lot of pod sex? Look, someone has to ask the tough questions. [Abu Dhabi Airports Company via DVICE]