Pure's New Radio Doubles as a Multi-Room Audio Speaker

By Sam Gibbs on at

Pure's expanding its Jongo connected-speaker line with a new DAB, Bluetooth and Internet radio. The Evoke F4 does full duty as a radio, but can also stream music from your phone via Bluetooth or Pure's Wi-Fi-based Connected system, linking up with the Jongo S3, Sensia 200D, or other connected radios you have dotted about your house.

Touch-sensitive controls and an OLED screen adorn its front, while a cross between retro and modern radio styling makes sure the thing doesn't look hideous atop your kitchen work surface. There's also your usual 3.5mm input too, plus a USB socket for slapping a flashdrive in there for recording or playing back capped radio.

Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit eye watering, rolling in at £180 for a radio, but given that it's much more with the Jongo multi-room audio system, and Bluetooth on-board, it could make a good starter to your cheapish Sonos-replacement.