Reclaim Your Kitchen Counters With Philips' New HomeCooker

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you haven't seen your kitchen counters in years because they're covered in a slew of tiny appliances all designed to cook one thing, Jamie Oliver wants to help. Well, technically he wants to make money, but he's also teamed up with Philips to create the HomeCooker which can stir, sauté, simmer, melt, steam, stew, boil, and fry all in one machine without any supervision.

The various layers all serve different purposes depending on what you're cooking and how you want it prepared, and the base bot even includes an automated stirring arm that promises to keep things from burning or sticking. Also, goodbye gravy lumps. You can even specify an exact cooking temperature, and set a timer so that it shuts off before everything you're cooking is nuked.

Given it does so many things it's not that surprising the HomeCooker costs just shy of £260. But just think of all the counter space you'll be reclaiming for fruit bowls, wine racks, and mountains of dirty dishes. [John Lewis via Appliancist]