Rumour: Apple's Next iPhone Will Apparently Be Called the iPhone 6

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to a supposedly leaked Mr. Blurrycam shot from Vodafone's inventory system, snagged by Stuff, Apple's next phone won't be the iPhone 5S, it'll simply be called the iPhone 6, which is very interesting if true.

This is, of course, pinch-of-salt time, as we have no way of truly verifying the shot. However, if you take it on face value, it shows the iPhone 6 as being 4G, which is a no-brainer.

If true, does that mean Apple's got more than just a spec bump in the works for us? Will we see something actually revolutionary out of Apple after some years of close-to-stagnation and small iterative improvements? Let's hope so. [Stuff]